Why choose to buy property in Southeast Sicily??

Here are only a few reasons…..

Convinced?? Need more incentive??

  • Living to 100 is a good thing
  • We like 5 minute walks TO the beach
  • We like 45 minutes walks ON the beach
  • 3 hour lunches are more tasty
  • Afternoon naps
  • “Rush hour” is 8am when everyone goes to buy FRESH bread
  • Snow…..what is that??
  • Missed appointments are OK! There’s always tomorrow
  • Extended family….lots and lots and lots and lots…..
  • Homemade Modica chocolate…..mmmmm
  • For cheese eaters: FRESH RICOTTA
  • Workweek: Hours unknown, depends on your schedule
  • Did we mention living to 100 is a good thing??

  • So, if you’re buying property,

    We can help! We are an Italian-American company with the expertise in real estate documents and
    buying property in Italy. Our principle geographic zone is SouthEastSicily.

    We have properties in the Ragusa, Modica, Pozzallo areas that will fit your budget and needs!

    We are friendly to work with and charge no fee for consultations. If you have questions on purchasing property in Sicily or simply want to know more about the geographic area, contact us. We are currently in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area for one-on-one consultations, however can easily be reached via phone or email.